Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Morocco


Morocco is first choice for any tourist opting for Africa. This is such popular destination that the place almost feels like part of Europe or France for that matter. The stunning sunsets, pristine beaches, with some surprisingly healthy food waits for any one wishing to be there. Here are few tourist attractions in Morocco.

Casablanca, Casablanca, Tangier, Fez, Atlas Mountains, Marrakech, Asilah, Essaouira, and The Dakar Rally can be easily considered to be top few attractions. These are just few names, but essentially you can spend days just enjoying and discovering just one place or one thing and there will still be more to find out when you leave.

The visit to vividly colorful Marrakech is quite soothing experience. Millions miles away from the skyscrapers in here you can easily feel like lost in time, listening to popular storytellers that have crowds to perform their shows. The open tea houses and steaming roasts are just a few feet away while the whole sky is filled with hugest stars. In summer you can see the most incredible sky filled with jeweled stars and galaxies shimmering and glittering like a big box of million lights.

In Fez you can even have the life of rich and famous for few days, the fun and excitement is contagious at home of famous “Sex & City 2” Morocco. You can visit the camel riding school, the markets with silver and metal crafts, the souks that has been shown are all in here 24/7 open for you to explore and enjoy. The Spa treatments, skin treatments, thermal baths, and energetic massages at most affordable rates can be enjoyed in Marrakech quite easily too.

Tangier is famous for its most delicious cosine made in earthen pots. The inclusion of dried fruits and special herbs that are only fond in this region made them quite unique thing to be savored. One fascinating thing about this slow cooking style is the feeling of being welcome. The staff or hosts in here are quite friendly and you can see and even participate in making of dishes too. Don’t forget to take back few spices, the amazing pots, and recipes to make your own Tangier at home too.

Another great place to visit is Djemma el Fna for its mint tea and quite interesting music scene. The architecture in here is interesting mix of Bur-bur and Spanish styles. The arches, minarets and tombs are found quite common in even the simple residential buildings too. One great building in here is Koutoubia Mosque with myriad colors and tranquil feel.

Article Source:   Chris J Anderson


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