Land Transportation to Marrakech


The diversity in land transportation to Marrakech is as wide as the scenery and landscape is in Morocco. There are many ways to get to Marrakech from Europe when you do not want to fly. Some people prefer land transportation over flying. There are also people in the world who are afraid to fly so land transportation to Marrakech is more of a need than a desire.

  • Tour Lines

There are many tour lines that offer bus excursions in package deals to Marrakech. You pay one price and all the amenities are covered in this fee. The only thing you are going to have to pay for is any trinket or souvenirs that you want to purchase. These package deals are a great way to see a foreign country without having to learn the driving customs or the rules of the road.

You only need to pay one fee and then you are going to be taken care of totally for the duration of the trip. There are many of these types of packages that offer weekend getaways along with one week and two week stays as well. If you can not find a package to meet your needs, then you should contact a different agency who may be able to offer a package that you want.

  • Rental Car

You can rent a car in Spain and drive directly to Marrakech. There is a popular roadway that offers a ferry from Algeciras which lasts about two and a half hours. This ferry lands at Tangiers where you can travel on to Marrakech. The roads in Morocco are very well maintained and are going to offer the bonus of being able to stop where and when you want to see the many sites of Morocco. You are going to need to go to the police desk in order to get you and your family’s passports stamped.



  • Train

You can travel from a European location to Marrakech by train. Trains are a great way to travel and they offer more comfort and amenities than a bus line or rental car are going to offer. Trains are also quite cost-effective. You are going to have to take the ferry at the ports mentioned in the above rental car section. Once you arrive at Tangiers, you are still going to need to get your passport stamped.

If you do not wish to spend the night in Tangiers, you can get a late night train to Marrakech. Many are going to want to spend the night and are going to appreciate being able to sleep in a real bed before getting back on the train. Another plus to spending the night is that you are going to miss many of the sites that Morocco is famous for if you travel by night. Traveling by day is going to allow you and your family to get a good look at the countryside that you are traveling through. Once you get to Marrakech, you and your family can enjoy all the wonders of Marrakech.



Article Source:  Lisa A Mason

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